5 Tips For a Successful Knock Down Rebuild

A knock down rebuild can seem overwhelming at first. The traumatic demolition, the tedious process, the anticipation and the cost can be a headache. In reality, however, you’ll be surprised that the cost of building your dream house is less than the cost of renovating the old one. You can also have a fresh start in your new house without the hassle of moving. You will discover all your efforts and money are worth your while. Here are five tips to make knock down and rebuild a success.

knock down rebuild

Plan your new house design ahead.

You have the option to plan a new design for your house. When planning, consider your current location including the terrain and the environment. Look into what needs to be demolished and what needs to stay. During the planning, you can consult the best house builder Melbourne has to make a suitable design for your location and for your preferences. House builders can give you ideas for customized homes or pre-designed contemporary perspectives of homes that are long lasting, environment-friendly and energy-efficient.

Consider the building requirements and regulations.

A knock down rebuild project requires permits. Before these permits are granted, several paper works need to be submitted to corresponding agencies. The project will also undergo inspection and approval of the Council if the prescribed construction regulations are observed. Special regulations for safety of your family and the community also need to be observed in constructing a new house. These include regulations for fire, flood and earthquake hazard areas. While the contractor is knowledgeable of the process, you need to understand these regulations and to be informed of the requirements firsthand.

Know the costs and charges.

A house builder can give you an estimate of the cost to knock down and rebuild your new house. The best building services Melbourne has usually include a free consultation and quotation. The costs include fees for land and building clearance and construction, disconnection of power, water and gas lines, fencing and pathway building. Make sure all fees for the project are covered so you do not get surprises along the way.

Look for temporary accommodation.

While the building of a new house is underway, you will need to look for a new accommodation. It usually takes a year to demolish and build a new house depending on the house builder. You can look for cheap accommodation close to your home so that you will not have to adjust to a new environment or disrupt work and schooling. You can also monitor the knock down and rebuild project when you’re close by.

Choose a reputable builder.

You can have a successful knock down and rebuild if you decide to hire a reputable and professional house builder. Companies such as Latitude 37, for example, can help in building home sloping site given their track record in building premium homes in various terrains. Choose a company that communicates and engages you in the entire process of the project. A company should not only be reputable in building top of the line houses but also be trustworthy and customer-friendly.

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