Hong Kong Rugby Sevens – Tickets to Matches and More

If you thought the only major sports activity Hong Kong is popular for is rugby, you might have to think again. Another event, the Arnold Classic Asia Multi-Sport Festival is being added to the calendar and the famous Austrian/American icon, Arnold Schwarzenegger, has consented to hold this multi-discipline sports contest in Hong Kong this year. In a report in South China Morning Post, it is claimed that besides the usual wrestling and chess and other events, the organizers hope to add rugby as well. But the Hong Kong rugby sevens will remain one of the marquee sports events in Hong Kong.

hong kong rugby sevens

A Tradition Still Being Followed By Everyone

Some of the international sports events which have been held for many decades have an exclusive flavor about them. Some fans make it a point to be in Hong Kong almost every year and the trip, from wherever they are, becomes a kind of pilgrimage for them. They may pick their favorite team out of the 28 teams that take part in the Hong Kong rugby sevens tournament. The hotel stay and the different types of cuisines they get to taste and enjoy lift their experience to another level. Anticipating this, there are agencies that provide complete packages covering the complete duration of the Hong Kong rugby sevens tournament and the events surrounding it. Most packages do not include the cost of the flight tickets from your location to Hong Kong and back. Some may even do that. The rest of the arrangements, like the hotel stay, the tickets to the tournament and some social events linked to the tournament are also taken care of by them.

Other Important Tournaments Also Covered

If you are a sports fan, but so much into rugby, then you will find that the same agency offers packages for tournaments other than the hk rugby 7’s. For instance, the tennis fans can manage to book Australian open packages 2017 right now.

Being the first Grand Slam tournament of the year, the tournament lasts over a fortnight and depending on your budget, you can choose the best slot. The packages offered by the agencies may vary, but they more or less cover a 5-6 day trip with tickets to a few sessions at the tournament with other features thrown in. The cost would keep going up as you choose the later levels of the tournament, like the quarter finals onward. As mentioned, the cost of the package for the final rounds would be the highest.

You can choose to buy Australian Open Tickets for just the Semi Finals and Finals alone, leaving out the earlier part of the tournament, then that might also be feasible through a separate package.

Almost all these sports events like the rugby tournaments or tennis championships attract huge responses from all over the world, and when special packages are worked out, and if you can also form a group and book the tickets in advance, the trips are indeed quite enjoyable. One can even watch these games at home on television. However, the real thrill is when you are right there on the stands, and all the shouting and shrieking and maybe waving of flags make it the experience of a lifetime.