Patio Drainage Tips Every Homeowner Needs to Know

Do you notice a pool of water sitting on your patio deck or concrete floor after a rain? Does it ruin your patio space and make it difficult to clean? If you said yes to two questions above, then it only indicates that you need to think about improving the drainage on your patio. When homeowners hire builders to make patios Perth has today, most seem to focus on the aesthetic design. Some, if not all, tend to overlook the importance of installing proper drainage.
If you choose to hire expert builders of patios Perth WA has today, you need not worry. They can advise you on the importance of building an efficient drainage system and how to design it accordingly. Poor patio drainage spoils your outdoor fun and also ruin the investment you paid a lot of money for!
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Cause of Poor Drainage
There are three main reasons why a patio could suffer from poor drainage. The first one is in the pitching of the patio. You need to build it at an angle so that water will simply drain away instead of collecting on the surface of your patio.
The presence of a roof overhang should also be looked into. If you have a roof on your patio or any overhung structure, make sure that water from the roof does not flow to the patio or else it will create a pool instantly.
Finally, you need to check the type of drainage system in use. Even when you have built a drainage system, it could still create a pool of water in your patio when not correctly installed.
Prevention Tips
The key to fighting drainage problem on your patio is to prevent it. Hence, when looking for builders of patio Perth has to offer, you should look into their expertise and experience. You want to hire a builder that knows how to handle common issues at patios, which includes drainage. You need to discuss with a builder about your options so that you can properly drain water from rainfall while maintaining its aesthetic features. The most common preventive solution recommended by experts is to use permeable pavers. Hence, the water could simply percolate through your patio and reduce water runoff in the long run.
Solutions for Existing Patios
If you have an existing patio in your home, you should not worry about fixing the drainage problem. You can also hire expert builders of patios in Perth to install one for you. However, you should not wait long to have the problem fixed because it can compromise the overall quality of the structure. The patio builder will cut out a sloping channel in the specific part of the patio where water has collected. This will help to redirect the water away from that area.
If you have the budget for it, experts on patios Perth has today would recommend installing a cement-based overlay. This will help to re-establish the pitch of the patio slab. The overlay could be anywhere from one inch to four inches down. You can also add aesthetic finishes such as a decorative stone in order to eliminate the need for saw cuts.
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