Best 5 Types of Aged Care Services in Australia

You are thinking of contacting My Aged Care for an assessment—but you are still undecided about the right aged care services Australia has. During the assessment, the Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) member will interview about your needs. You need to be ready to answer this.

There are many types of care solutions. Some specifically cater to your loved one’s needs. Others even include the principal carers, as well. Therefore, you have to be meticulous in choosing the right service.

Before you do the ACAT assessment, get to know the best aged care services in the country:

  1. In-Home Care

In-home aged care services Australia wide is becoming popular among families. Their primary reason for choosing this service is hesitation. Most of them are still undecided if they should put their loved ones in a residential setting. With this service, professional carers will just come into your home to care for your loved one. They provide tailored services 24/7.

Primary Benefits: convenience, familiarity, and comfort especially for Dementia-diagnosed residents

  1. Dementia Sensitive Care

Some providers of award winning aged care services offer a special programme for residents with Dementia. This means the services, care management plans, and environment cater to their symptoms. These may consist of the resident’s aggressive behaviour, wandering risk, or anxiety.

You need to be specific with this during the ACAT assessment. You can also prepare the medical records by your loved one’s doctor.

Primary Benefits: more security and assurance for the resident and their family

  1. Palliative Care

Also known as hospice care, this is for residents whose time is running out. During these moments, the carers prioritise comfort over recovery. Palliative aged care services Australia wide aim to make the residents feel at peace. The plan may involve personal care, emotional support, respite for family, and housekeeping. Visit Arcare Glenhaven for more details.

Primary Benefits: supportive care and help with home chores; more chances for families to sit down and spend time with their loved ones

  1. Respite Care

Family carers are prone to develop depression. Respite aims to give them a break. During a respite, a professional carer will take another one’s place to allow him/her to take a rest. If you’re caring for your parent, you can first opt for respite care. Or, you can request for this and mention a residential home consideration.

Primary Benefits: mental health relief for family carers; a trial version in case the family considers a residential home setting

  1. Residential Home

If you’re fully decided to choose this service, bring it up to the ACAT member. Before, most families didn’t have any choice when their results came out. Now, it’s different. You can choose your own providers, plans, and the best aged care services in Australia. If you choose a residential home, the provider can help your loved one with the transition.

Primary Benefits: dedicated professional carers available 24/7; lots of vacancies and suites; daily meals and drinks whipped by seasoned chefs; fun and stimulating activities

Experience the Best Aged Care Service

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